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Looking To Travel Light?

Whether you're traveling, on your way to work/school or just on the move you need something light and versatile to carry your belongings. 

You need the Newbring Compact Shoulder Bag. With its compact design and various storage slots you can be sure to store all your necessities without the hassle of bulky bags or backpacks. 

  • SIZE: 13.4 x 11.2 x 1 inch, Lightweight Only 0.6 pounds, Fits Up To 7.9 Inch iPad Mini & Kindle.
  • MATERIAL: Polyester Fabric. Easy Cleaning. 
  • DESIGN: Minimalistic Streamlined Design. Made With Practicality & Mobility In Mind While Still Maintaining A Slim Modern Look. 
  • COMFORT: Includes Shoulder Padding Made To Mold To The Shape Of Your Shoulder For Maximum Comfortability.
  • COLOR: Charcoal Grey 

Rain? Spilled Coffee? No Problem. 

Not only is the Newbring Compact Shoulder Bag lightweight and versatile, it will also protect your items from moisture. Its fine polyester material prevents water or any other liquid from penetrating its surface keeping your items safe.