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Our team consists of passionate creatives and childhood friends from Los Angeles, California that have been obsessed with self improvement and mindless gadgetry since childhood.

Last year we saw a huge opportunity to do what we love, as well as bring value to people that are as passionate about the beach and traveling lifestyle as we are.

We are too familiar with the frustration that comes with expensive shipping prices and limited edition clothing and accessories that become out of stock within days of its launch.

We launched our own brand, Soulful Waves. Our goal is to deliver the latest beach/swim wear & jewelry trends at affordable prices WORLDWIDE.

Our goals are to keep our designs fresh and up to date as well as having fun doing it.

Our stylish and trend breaking beach/swim wear and jewelry collections are guaranteed to upgrade your style wether you're at the beach or just on a night out with friends or family! 

We also want to keep our clothing/accessory and shipping prices affordable to anyone out there. 

Our collections are updated weekly & we have huge promos and flash sales every month. 

Welcome to the family! 


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